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You can be sure that our animal clinic can deal with most parasitic and food poisoning incidents, injuries and other urgent cases with the most effective and compassionate care. We ask that you contact us prior to your arrival so that we can more effectively take care of your animal. The earlier your pet is tended to, the more positive will be the outcome. Part of our dedication to your family is ensuring that your animals get the greatest possible compassionate veterinary care at our animal hospital. That's why together with our services as an emergency animal hospital, we provide standard and advanced medical services like preventative medicine, animal dental care, dermatology, orthopedics, surgery, pain management and internal medicine. We also offer low cost spaying, neutering, microchip IDs, and vaccinations to protect Anaheim's crowded pet population. We can also declaw cats and dock puppies tails. We deliver pet food for specialty diets, whether they are age related or related to specific health problems. Our animal vet hospital is also fully equipped with the most state of the art animal hospital equipment. Our digital xultrasoundasound, laser therapy, and in-house diagnostics laboratory are completely "with the times," and our veterinarian and staff are completely up to date on using this technology.


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