VCA Shelden Animal Hospital

VCA Shelden Animal Hospital

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Services offered

  • Dental Care
  • Dentistry
  • New Kitten and New Puppy Packages
  • Radiology
  • Wellness Exams

Hours of Operation

  • Mon 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tue 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wed 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thu 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Fri 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sat 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sun 8:00 am - 4:00 pm


VCA Shelden Animal Hospital serves dogs and cats in Louisville, Fern Creek, Mt. Washington, Jeffersontown, and The Highlands with the highest level of veterinary service and care. VCA Shelden provides your pet wellness and preventive care, surgery, internal medicine, emergency and holistic care. We also treat pet cancer, heart, lung and kidney disease, blood disorders, urinary problems, and bone and joint injuries. Our animal hospital's family-oriented approach ensures every experience is handled with compassion and professionalism, and our commitment to pet owner education gives you the confidence to make the most informed decisions. Our team truly understands the special place your pet holds in your family, and we embrace your cat or dog as one of our own from the very beginning. Our comprehensive set of veterinary services allows us to meet your pet’s needs at all stages of life, and you can trust our staff to have the knowledge and experience you need. When you visit a VCA Shelden veterinarian, you and your pet receive personalized veterinary care that is unmatched.


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