For Veterinarians

What we do

  • 1. Equip Your Practice

    From marketing materials to hands-on guidance, we assist in the setup and implementation of Gallant for your practice at no cost.

  • 2. Cover Courier & Logistics

    From booking to operation completion, we handle all courier pickups, drop-offs, and timing logistics so you can focus on giving your patients top-level service. Plus, we keep you and your clients notified throughout the process.

  • 3. Ongoing Support & Training

    We want to grow together. As Gallant or your practice grows, we will always provide up to date information and training in applications that work best for you and your staff. Your dedicated veterinarian liaison is always available for support.

The Gallant Team

  • Aaron Hirschhorn

    Founder & CEO
    Inspired by the impact of regenerative medicine on his own life, Aaron founded Gallant to bring the power of regenerative medicine to all pets. He brings 20 years of experience operating, advising, and investing in technology companies. Prior to Gallant, Aaron was the Founder and CEO of DogVacay, a consumer marketplace app for dog sitting and dog walking, successfully raising $47m from investors, which eventually merged with Show more
  • Dr. Linda Black, DVM, PhD

    President & Chief Scientific Officer, Board Member
    Dr. Black brings over 15 years of cross-functional experience leading strategic and operational initiatives in the regenerative medicine space, with extensive experience in the development and commercialization of stem cell therapies for pets. She authored the first scientific papers on the safety and efficacy of adipose-derived cell therapies in dogs with osteoarthritis and muscle tears, and led a product development team for an allogeneic cell therapy for canine osteoarthritis.... Show more
  • Dr. Shelly Zacharias, DVM, MS, VPM, BCMAS

    Vice President of Medical Affairs
    Dr. Zacharias brings ten years of multifunctional experience in operational, strategic and clinical trial leadership experience in the field of stem cell research and development plus 14 years as a clinical small animal veterinarian. She has extensive experience surrounding clinical trial development and oversight and has administered numerous stem cell therapies derived from reproductive tissue first-hand since 2010.... Show more

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