Keep tails
  • 01

    Receive the kit

    Once a pet parent has let us know the details of their dog's spay/neuter appointment, we'll send our Gallant kit to your office in time for their visit.
  • 02

    Collect the tissue

    During the procedure, simply place the dog's reproductive tissue in the Gallant kit instead of throwing it away.
  • 03

    Convenient office pickup

    A Gallant-provided courier will retrieve the kit from your practice, and deliver it to Gallant's lab in San Diego.
  • 04

    Arrival & Processing

    When your patient's kit arrives in our state-of-the-art lab, the tissue is processed, and the stem and regenerative cells are extracted.
  • 05

    Assessment & Storage

    Once we confirm there are enough viable stem cells, they're carefully stored in liquid nitrogen. They'll stay there, frozen in time, until you recall them for use in your patient's future treatments.
  • 06

    The long run

    Gallant will keep you up to date on our advancements in stem cell therapy and treatment options. We'll also ensure you'll have everything you need to treat with regenerative medicine when the time comes.

Why Gallant?

  • 100+ years of regenerative medicine experience

    Gallant has built a team of respected veterinarians, scientists, and pioneers in stem and regenerative cell research with over 100 years of experience.
  • We're independently funded

    Gallant is venture-capital backed and funded by many of Silicon Valley’s most savvy investors. We're committed to investing millions in clinical trials to prove the efficacy and necessary treatment protocols for effective use of regenerative medicine.
  • We're the first direct-to-consumer pet biotech company

    We are driving business to your clinic by creating consumer demand for canine stem cell banking and future treatments.

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