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    Pick your pup’s stem cell storage plan - you don’t have to have a spay/neuter procedure scheduled yet! You can always add that in later. Our proprietary process requires no additional training, so any veterinarian you trust to alter your dog is qualified. Ahead of your dog’s spay/neuter, we will connect with your vet and send our collection kit directly to their office.
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    On the big day, we align with your vet before the procedure and arrange for a courier. During your dog’s spay/neuter procedure, your veterinarian will take out the stem cell-rich reproductive tissue they would normally discard into the collection kit.
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    Once the tissue is received by our scientists, we send confirmation to both you and your veterinarian. Your dog’s tissue is first inspected for quality before isolating the stem cells. The stem cells are then counted and frozen in liquid nitrogen to preserve their potency in our secure, state-of-the-art laboratory. Once this process is complete, you and your veterinarian will be notified that your pet’s stem cells are safely stored. The cells are then monitored by our team to ensure they stay perfectly preserved.
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    Your pet’s stem cells are at the ready to be sent to your veterinarian if/when treatment is needed. Treatments are out-patient procedures and cost about $300. A stem cell procedure is not painful to your pet and does not require anesthesia to administer.

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